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Mileham has consistently grown marketing partnerships over the years to help fund entertainment activities that play a critical role in bringing residents and visitors into Cincinnati’s urban core.

FC Cincinnati

In its 2016 inaugural United Soccer League season, FC Cincinnati blew away ticket sales and attendance expectations, breaking USL records and making it to the playoffs. With a proven and growing fan base, the club was ready to take corporate partnerships and broadcast sales to a new level. Mileham Consulting, Inc. (MCI) was hired before the start of the second season to develop a new system to increase and track sponsorships, interview for and onboard a new sponsorship team, and review and valuate the sponsorship inventory with the help of a national sales and advisory firm. MCI created a “one-stop-shop” tracking system to allow FCC’s corporate partnerships, marketing, fulfillment, and finance teams to effectively measure against goals and manage the delivery of benefits. FCC not only exceeded ticket sales and attendance goals again in 2017, but sponsorship goals as well.

“Anastasia served as a senior member of our front office staff at a time when we really needed her, setting us up for success in corporate partnerships with the right internal team and the right system to move forward.”

- FCC President Jeff Berding

REDI Cincinnati

In 2017, Amazon asked interested U.S. cities to compete for a $5 billion second headquarters operation. The RFP asked for responses within 6 weeks. With its team already taxed with a pipeline of projects,
REDI Cincinnati, the region’s lead economic development agency, asked Mileham Consulting to work together with multiple jurisdictions to communicate a bid for the new “Amazon HQ2”. Given the enormity of the opportunity, REDI and its partners sought to present the proposal in a way that went above and beyond its typical response to RFPs. MCI worked with REDI’s many community partners to assemble, write, and develop a password-protected website as well as printed hard copies within a very tight timeframe. The rest of the Amazon HQ2 story is history, but Cincinnati’s communal effort and assembled information have served our city well over the past few years.


“Anastasia was a voice of calm in chaos. She is a wonderful writer and has all the relationships with the
top firms and agencies in our city, so she knows this region and how to sell our reputation.”


– REDI Cincinnati President Kimm Lauterbach

University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub

Over a decade in the making, Cincinnati’s Uptown Innovation Corridor is finally kick-started into reality with the completion of UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub and UC’s commitment to leasing a ‘digital futures’ building across the street in one of the corridor’s four quadrants. Mileham was hired to oversee the completion of the 1819 Innovation Hub, the design of its new branding identity and messaging strategy, and the hiring of an operations team to manage the building and its programming. Over an 18-month timeframe, Mileham also planned and executed the announcement of the digital futures complex, the grand opening of the Hub itself, and multiple tenant announcements as three of Cincinnati’s Fortune 500™ companies (Kroger, Fifth Third, and Procter and Gamble) along with Cincinnati Bell, Cincinnati Insurance, CincyTech, Kingsgate Logistics, and Worldpay teamed up with UC to occupy space within the building. Mileham’s work garnered both local and national attention for UC and the 1819 Innovation Hub since its opening in October 2018.


“The speed at which people’s ideas are translated into products and processes that are useful to society is more

and more accelerated. Industry is trying to adapt to the new pace ofchange and universities have the ability to help.  

We need to partner around this common interest.”

- University of Cincinnati President and CEO Neville G. Pinto

4EG    Keystone Bar & Grill 

As the restaurant industry continues to see growth in off-premise dining, 4EG’s business partners saw potential in Keystone Bar & Grill’s catering division, and hired Mileham Consulting, Inc. (MCI) to re-design the program. Initial review of the catering menu, sales, operations, and other available data indicated that Monday through Friday daytime business provided the biggest growth opportunity. MCI developed and implemented a four-pronged approach to garnering corporate catering business that included hiring new staff, creating a sales lead list, enhancing customer service through a simplified menu and online ordering platform, and implementing a marketing plan through direct mail and social media. Keystone’s catering business increased by 150% in the first three months and continues to grow.

“We knew there was opportunity in our catering business, but with a small staff focused on other key areas, we needed Anastasia’s marketing and organizational expertise, along with her extensive corporate contacts, to realize our potential.”

- 4EG Managing Partner Dan Cronican

Strategies to End Homeless

Having just come off the successful completion of a new comprehensive residential and treatment plan for homeless individuals, including the $42 million construction of three new facilities with the support of the State of Ohio, Hamilton County, and Cincinnati’s corporate community, Strategies to End Homelessness (STEH) was poised to create a name for itself locally, regionally, and nationally. Additionally, with the loss of its full-time development director, there was an opportunity to analyze the existing internal structure and ensure alignment with the strategic plan already in place. Mileham Consulting, Inc. provided expertise in the areas of communication, media relations, fundraising, and organizational strategy to help STEH develop a new corporate outreach and external communications plan and hire the right staff to implement it. With the goal of seeking new revenue streams to fund “gaps in the system of care,” STEH is off to a good start in 2018 with a double-digit increase in contributions.

“Anastasia taught us to look at development work in a different way than we had before, opening new opportunities to tell our story and share our needs with those who can appreciate the business side of social work.”

- STEH President & CEO Kevin Finn

Donovan Energy

Donovan Energy (DE) is a startup clean energy technology (“clean tech”) company operating out of Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine. DE helps clients use clean tech to both lower operating costs and increase access to capital for renovations and/or new construction. These finance guys know that 'green is black,' but many commercial building owners and real estate developers don’t realize the long-term savings in operating expenses that result from an investment in energy-efficient building solutions. DE hired Mileham Consulting, Inc. (MCI) to help tell its story to the right audience. MCI drilled down to the key points and used laymen’s terms to pitch the story, which resulted in a full photo shoot, a recorded interview on Local12’s US Bank Business Watch, and a front-page story in the Cincinnati Business Courier print and digital editions. 

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact positive earned media can have on our business – 70% of our new business in 2017 came from this placement. We engaged Mileham to help further our external communications effort.”

- Partner Tim Donovan

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